Total Employee Investment

Sustainable Financial Results

A Nimble, Proactive Culture

3 Things Every Company Wants. This is my mission.

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Hello! I'm Catherine Fitzgerald.

This photo, of the Sydney Opera House, was taken on my first solo vacation. A 10-day adventure that opened my eyes in very unexpected ways. Little did I know, that it would become the spark that ignited my passion for bringing business innovation, positive cultures, and bottom-line metrics together in my coaching practice.

Did you know, in 1957, the architect who designed the Opera House had created a vision, submitted a drawing, and won an international contest with ZERO engineering precedent for his design? It took 16 years before this architectural wonder was completed and along the way, there were many battles and barriers to overcome. This story and this trip were the beginning of the inspiration that determined the direction and impact I wanted to have in my own life. Truly an intersection of serendipity and tenacity.

I've been a CEO and now, as an Executive Coach & Operational Strategist, my mission is to support, guide, and be your sounding board as you build an outstanding organization and a fulfilling career.



Do you feel like you don't have time to work ON your business because you are too busy working IN the daily operations?


I guide and inspire my clients to focus on their "genius" by harnessing the strength of their team while fostering their team's personal commitment and investment in the outcome.

Attaining a common mindset, not 'buy-in' is key to achieving alignment, which in turn, accelerates results on a grand scale. Moving the focus from employee engagement to the employee experience, drives outstanding, and sustainable outcomes.



In business today, we face more and more challenges to the status quo.  Many are discovering the standard narrative for leading a successful team is no longer working. The difficulties go far beyond a remote workforce and the ongoing pressure to drive strong financial results quarter after quarter and year over year. 


I mentor, coach, and guide leaders to move past simply "new ways of thinking" for survival in the marketplace but to become masters of change.


We do this together through an inclusive and holistic approach to leadership. Developing successful, collaborative, and cohesive teams no matter where they are or how they connect, calls for leaders to be nimble, open, and tuned in to the employee experience. Understanding your team’s perspectives, listening for their wisdom, and owning your responsibility to foster open dialogue within your teams makes it possible to deliver sustainable outstanding financial results, an enduring positive culture & ultimately the success you deserve.


Do you ever ask yourself...

 "Is there a simpler way?"

How often do you think...

 "I can't find good people." 

Are you feeling like you are in this all alone?

Like no one truly 'gets it'?


My clients find more hours in their day by activating a 360-degree view of their company to eliminate operational redundancies, optimize systems, and increase productivity as well as profits. We work together to uncover the hidden strengths, foster accountability and spark creative solutions that add value not responsibilities to your life.

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Catherine is hands down an amazing coach. She brings a strong balance of leading & nurturing to the table...

I would recommend Catherine to anyone who is looking to improve!!

Connor Brown 

Marketing Strategist


Meeting with Catherine on a weekly basis to work discuss our pain points and concerns...some of those things have a functional aspect, other things have a leadership mindset, counseling/ coaching... the fact that Catherine is there to walk alongside us really made a big difference because she's been there and done that.

Tonny Lam

Account Executive & Co-Founder


Catherine was instrumental in helping me to springboard into my new career...each step was carefully curated and reflected my experience and personal goals.  Catherine is a great supporter, knowledgeable, encouraging and unconditionally positive!

Elana Citrin

Sales Professional


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