What If:

  • every member of your team was operating as if he/she owned the business?

  • your staff made decisions as a team with intentionality and insights?

  • they all understood the impact they personally could have on the outcomes by working towards common goals?

  • each team was accountable and responsible for projecting and controlling revenues and/or expenses within their area?

  • everyone in the company had access to the financials and understood what they meant?


That's Precisely What Results In:

6X increase in PROFIT GROWTH

2X increase in REVENUE GROWTH

3X the national average in EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT


GGOB Practitioner 

Tonny Lam, Co-Founder, Hook + Ladder Digital, Vancouver, BC

If you are truly ready to experience this kind of growth, perhaps you’re ready for The Great Game of Business®?


The Great Game™ educates your people in the rules of business, rallies them around a common goal, empowers them to see and improve the score, and engages them by giving them skin in the game. By presenting them with the opportunity to win as a team, it taps into the universal need to win and inspires teams to excel.

The principles of The Great Game™ are time-tested to produce the results you see above.


Not merely a revised compilation of the same old techniques used by other coaching and consulting firms, The Great Game of Business® was born out of necessity… the necessity to win in order to preserve jobs.


But the resulting business operating system—rooted in the notion of teams knowing what’s really going on and possessing the authority and responsibility to introduce change and hold a stake in the outcome—is much more than just a set of templates and guiding principles.


Unlike other approaches that focus primarily on planning disciplines and the needs of management, ours is a transformational approach to business that not only has the ability to grow businesses but also to shape the lives and fortunes of its practitioners from the bottom to the top of any organization.

Granted, The Great Game™ is not for everyone.


But for those business leaders who are looking for true transformation; who understand the upside of an engaged staff; who fantasize about a business life in which others share the burdens often reserved for owners and executive staff; who view prosperity as a journey, not just an outcome, The Great Game of Business® may just be the Aha! moment you’ve been looking for.